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Having a beautiful smile is important to many people, as it not only gives them more confidence in their appearance, but also more confidence in their everyday lives as well. With a booming cosmetic dentistry industry, more and more people are curious as to what kind of treatment they can get nowadays to improve the look of their teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry Family Dentistry Hagerstown MD covers all kinds of dental treatments that are not primarily to do with improving the function of the mouth, but more to do with improving the aesthetics of it. Treatments often focus on ameliorating the look of the teeth, and some are more time-consuming and costly than others.

One of the most popular types of treatment – and one of the Hagerstown MD most affordable – is that of bleaching. This type of treatment is used to whiten the teeth, and involves the application of a chemical product in order to achieve a white and bright look. One of the reasons that this is so popular is that many people believe that whitening their teeth gives them a much nicer smile.

Although there are Dental Crown Hagerstown MD many teeth whitening products on the market, this type of affordable cosmetic dentistry can prove exceptionally effective compared with shop-bought whitening products, and also comes with the added benefit of being carried out by a trained dental professional to ensure safety and best results.

In addition to those who invest in this kind of treatment purely to perfect the look of Hagerstown MD already great teeth, this whitening treatment is also a viable option for those whose teeth have been stained significantly by certain foods, drinks and tobacco products, as well as those who have teeth that discolor easily for hereditary reasons.

Another common and affordable cosmetic dentistry option is veneers, which are fine slivers of plastic or porcelain which are placed on the Hagerstown MD front of teeth to change their appearance. These are often used to treat teeth that have been chipped or have an uneven surface, or those that need a correction in regards to the shape or colour of the tooth.

For this kind of treatment, it is required to visit your dental practitioner who will take an impression of your tooth in Hagerstown MD order to custom make a veneer for it. The veneer will be cemented to the tooth, and then the dentist will proceed to gently buff the tooth in order to bring it back to an appropriate and comfortable thickness.

Crowns are an alternative to veneers, but are a less affordable form of cosmetic dentistry treatment. Crowns are actually caps that cover Hagerstown MD the tooth, altering the shape, the color and the appearance of the tooth in question. Although they are more expensive than other options, these generally last a very long time, so may be a worthwhile investment for a long term solution.

As an alternative to using veneers and crowns to alter the appearance of a tooth, it is also possible to Hagerstown MD ask your cosmetic dentist to actually reshape or contour your teeth. This kind of treatment is often done to make small changes, however, although the major advantage is that it will be permanent.

This kind of treatment is ideal for those with chipped teeth who would like the edges of their teeth smoothing, or those whose teeth are too long and Hagerstown MD possibly affecting the healthy function of their mouth. Any dentist who offers this kind of treatment will carry out thorough scans in order to determine whether this option is the right one for you.

There are many different types of cosmetic dentistry treatment available, many of which are highly affordable. These all aim to correct the appearance of different aspects of Hagerstown MD the teeth, including the color, shape, form, size and irregularity of teeth, leading to a more beautiful smile and even improved function of the mouth in some cases.

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